The Z.S. Project
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Name: Zannen "Rina" Shiroi
Rank Major
Age: 17
DOB: March 19
Blood Type: A
Likes: apple pie, children, butterflies, fairytales, jade

Dislikes: military, black, weapons, failure, punishments, tears, cranberries

Background: At the age of 7, Rina underwent a surgery, done by her father, that took away all of her emotions and replaced them with 'super human abilities.'The whereabouts of her mother are unknown. Currently Toki's partner.

Name: Toki
Rank Major
Age: 16
DOB: May 2
Blood Type: B
Likes: sharing, honey, candy, manga, all his friends, bananas

Dislikes: violence, being called a girl, inconsiderate/selfishness, seeing people cry

Background: Bullied as a child and is always mistaken for a girl. He has helped many people and is mentioned as essential building block of many peoples past's and future's. Currently Rina's partner, and very fond of her.

Name: Jacob Willyers
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
DOB: July 16
Blood Type: O
Likes: video games, pranks, wine tasting, cycling, flirting, fighting

Dislikes: getting up early, spicy foods, cold weather, hitting women

Background: He and his twin brother, Marcus, are orphans. Close friends with Toki.

Name: Marcus Willyers
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Age: 19
DOB: July 16
Blood Type: B
Likes:reading, basketball, sled dogs, skiing, photography

Dislikes:swimming, roses, cold weather

Background: Weak body, and twin brother of Jacob, and orphaned. Close friends with Toki.

Name: Karey Sun
Rank: Captain
DOB: November 15
Blood Type: A
Likes: reading, beach, picnics, cooking (making bentos in particular)

Dislikes: mathematics, people who are greedy, taxes

Background: Unknown.

Name: Midori Ko
1st Lieutenant
Age: 23
DOB: February 3
Blood Type: O
Likes: playing card games, gambling, charities, caramel apples

Dislikes: churches, rocking chairs, bananas

Background: Unknown.

Name: Gina Morgan
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Age: 27
DOB: March 21
Blood Type: AB
Likes: oatmeal cookies, taking naps, strawberry milkshakes
Dislikes: abusive people, pine needles

Background: Currently engaged. Possibly having an affair with her co-worker Suno.

Name: Suno
Rank: Reporter
Age: 29
DOB: August 12
Blood Type: A
Likes: candy hearts, flirting, monopoly money, giving interviews

Dislikes: desperate people, abusive people
Background: Suno was born with a thirst for knowledge. Currently head over heels in love with Gina Morgan.

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